Valentines prezzys!
2002-02-10 - 12:00 a.m.

Went to Matts tonight, well sort off. I went to see Paul down the pub (matts brother) and me and Fran popped back to say 'hello' It was nice to see them again, although it had only ben one day sence i had seen them last! lol, unfortunatly i now only have half a tank of petrol to last me the rest of the month! :oS

I have been DIY mad this week! lol, i now have a shiny new wardrobe, and im just about to start hanging my tops of the (4) coat hangers i have! Unfortunatly, im going to have to buy tons of cloths to gain some hangers ;)Oh what a pain thats going to be! lol

I got a realy odd phone call tonight, and i cant talk about it cos i have been swaren to secracy, but it really shock me up, i have to have 20 fags before i stopped shaking, i will tell you more when i can.

Fran is going away tomorrow :o( She is going to e away all week, and it will be the first time i have spent away from her sence we got together. I'l cope but i'd rather she was with me!

We went to look at new cars this week!! Oh i was in my element! I LOVE cars! Im such a lesbian! lol, any way, Fran is going to use her mobility benefit to get a new car and we went to have a little look at some of the cars she might like to have! We found one really really nice one that i didnt think would be any good but turned out to bed a VERY nice car indeed! Came with free air con too! lol, it was a seat Ibiza, my mum has the Leon, thats yummy too! I hope she gets one she like though, cos i wouldnt want to give her the heard sell then her be pissed off! lol.

Fran has just told me that she has got me a valentines prezzy and that i have to go and pick it up while she is away! Although how im suposed to do that i will never know untill i turn up on the door step and come out with some shit about why i need to go poking around her room! I dread to think what it is!! lol, aparently i have to think of it as 1/2 valentines prezzy and 1/2 christmas prezzy!? lol, i really dont know how im going to blag my way in to her room in the first place!

I ws going to get her a purple key bored that she wanted but her mum beat me to it! Now im stumped and although i have one idea, i dont really know how im going to execute the plan! I might have too call in some expert people for this one! But i cant talk about it here, cos she is a nosey bugger and will be checking what im sayin! hehe *waves* i see ya!

Any way, im going to smoke some more to try and calm my nevres and think about how i can sort out Frans prezzy!

Oh by the way! please feel free to e mail me with any ideas about what i can get the misses!! [email protected]

Nighty Night

Jo xx

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